Abandon Ship! (2015)


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all songs written & performed by friendly faux
recorded & mixed by andy sartain at oranjudio studios
mastered by matthew gray mastering


released November 7, 2015




all rights reserved


FRIENDLY FAUX Columbus, Ohio

geoff spall: guitar/vocals
charis yost:
brandyn morit:

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Track Name: prophet motive
too many names and too many faces / too many sames going too many places / how many fingers am i holding up? / i've got your number can i call your bluff? / too many numbers and too many problems / too many robots reluctant to solve them / how many fears interfere with your dreams? / nobody here to hear when you scream / how much is too much? / are we running out of luck? / give in or give up? / enough is enough / too many debts and too many favors / too many laws controlling behaviors / how many prophets can profit before / the seeds you sow don't grow anymore?
Track Name: mr. pistol
dear mr.pistol are you waiting on me? / i've got the aim, you've got the accuracy / close one eye / not sure why / it's no lie / i'm a bang away from eternity / give me the good news but the bad news first / it'll get better right before it gets worse / i've seen alot of things move in reverse / oh, how a blessing can feel like a curse / dear mr.pistol when will you set me free? / i've got the plan, you've got the efficacy / hit or miss / make or break / take the cake / instrument of war can you bring me peace? / i'll roll my eyes and apologize a million times / before i hang up the phone / i'll count to five and forget all of my die-atribes / make them up as i go... / before it's black / there's alot of things that i'd take back / if i could change the past / i'm still awake / thinking all i've made are mistakes / this is my last...
Track Name: carpe dumb
it's no surprise, time flies let it go / the more i guess the less i'm told / my advice, try anything and everything at least once / leave no stone unturned or bridge unburned / carpe dumb / strike while the iron is hot / bite off what you can chew / don't let the worst of you get the best of you / mid day naps, followed by panic attacks / matter of fact it hurts to laugh / stop and go, spit it out, follow your heart / pull yourself together long enough to figure out how you fell apart / best foot forward not in your mouth / it's easy as pulling teeth / don't let the worst of you get the best of me
Track Name: for your own good
it's an unpredictable love / you're not a, b, c, or d / don't you see you're all the above? / emergency, once a week / what's in your heart? / are we made for eachother / or just flawed from the start? / highs and lows / the challenge is balancing them / that means both / hot and cold / i'm trying to take you in / then you go / i wanna know how long 'til my welcome worn out / how 'bout now? / it's your gravitational pull / it's got me running in circles for days / cuz i'm under your spell / concentrate, contemplate / what's in your lungs? / are you for real or for fun? / cuz i'm certain you're second to none / smiles and frowns / back and forth inside out / upside down lost and found / you're the sound that i want to hear / loud and clear / i've been hummin' a song with your name on it / quarantine me, you know that you should / like a sprain you're forced to put ice on it / it might hurt but it's for your own good
Track Name: abandon ship!
is our love too much too fast? / there's no right or wrong reply / why even bother to ask? / it took three whole days away 'til you take me back / seperate i don't know how much longer i can last / it's been too long / since i have ruined something good / we've come too far to turn back even if we should / it's all my fault / i just heard everything you said / be kind, rewind / say something nice instead / you push all of my buttons / most are good some are red / outta sight, outta mind / but i got eyes in the back of my head / i can't deny / i'm hangin' on by a thread / we'll be just fine / you'll be mine again / same time, same wine and bed / rinsed and repeated / you rocked the boat / i'm going down with the ship / you'll kill us both / one of us starts / the other finishes / abandon ship...
Track Name: kill or be killed
sometimes you start / to pick up all the pieces of your hard boiled heart and create art / instead of waiting / just collecting dust think of what all your words would impart / risk if you dare / how would you fair or even prepare for the stage? / and then / then you begin / shedding your skin / putting pen to the page / just before / you quit, relax and take a hit and think of how you are going to get even / between you and them / there’s something to be said after it all has been done and then some / stick to the script / loosen your lips / but don’t say no / take a trip / loosen your grip / but don’t let go... / take a leap / of faith and see things straight, just in case or as soon as your eyes dry / i’m a slave / living off grains / complacently waving goodbye / it’s a mistake to patiently wait, for tomorrow today / i’m insane, decay in the brain, chasin’ my shadow away / just wait and be still cuz its kill or be killed / face to face / finally find where I can hide / in the right place at the right time / where do I sign? / i’ve been talkin’ in my sleep / apologies mostly / i never said goodbye i never found the time / but i could easily find somethin’ that might rhyme / run for you life / please not with the knife / you’ll never get your way so just get out of mine / no time to be shy / no one gets out alive
Track Name: you know who you are
today's the day i let you go / you know who you are / i'll never pay the love i owe / you know who you are / i'm afraid to even say your name / you know who you are / i'd stay if the gain outweighed the pain / you know who you are / i'll see your face again some day / you know who you are / i'll save a picture just in case / you know who you are
Track Name: win the war by xmas
too much of a good thing and you end up in a habit / with all of your eggs sitting in my basket / one in a million, two of a kind / hurry up and just kill me before you change your mind / no news is good news when you've slept through your bad mood / how soon is too soon? am i too weak or immune? / one in a million, million to one / hurry up and just kill me while it still seems like fun / the early bird gets the worm / the tortoise wins the race / you won't get your dessert / if you don't clean your plate / when i'm done causing harm / i'll disappear without a trace / would you cut off your nose to spite your face? / if we were just more ambitious / we could win the war by christmas / if you would mind your own business / we could win the war by christmas / if you would do your own dishes / we could win the war by christmas...