friendly faux (2013)


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all songs written & performed by friendly faux
recorded in analog by a. smith


released July 20, 2013




all rights reserved


FRIENDLY FAUX Columbus, Ohio

geoff spall: guitar/vocals
charis yost:
brandyn morit:

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Track Name: joke on a rope
sat in bed with the words in my head / many more still left to be said / i couldn't see but i liked to believe / killing time but it's not quite dead / too many hoops to jump through / and truths you wished weren't true / scanned the land, blocked the sun with my hand / kind of bland until i found you / such a sight to be seen / it's obscene / but i'm telling you / didn't mean to be mean but i mean what am i to do? / you looked good even on paper / if looks could kill you'd be sending me to my maker / had something going but it ain't going nowhere / let's think it over, over think 'til we don't care / you like bad sight, good looks / your cake and eat it too, see? / none the less she was impressed and undressed with sycophancy / if i can just get through today / i'll be a blast from the past, blasphemous ass / can't show how little i know like a joke on a rope on a dangerous slope / it's a mystery to me / gotta fill in the facts, hurry relax / keeping calm, carrying on, on my own / all alone / used your apathy to cut any loss / opted out of any options with additional costs
Track Name: it's your mind, don't mind me
i just thought i'd let you know / over the telephone / time is fast and i'm too slow / locked and loaded with nowhere to go / it's your mind, don't mind me / it's your face, don't face me / static in place of drum rolls / lights are low, temperatures cold / time is rich and i'm too broke / well if you say so / it’s your mind, don’t mind me / it’s your face, don’t face me / too big for your britches / too small to ignore / it's how much we can question / versus how much we know / i couldn't say what i wanted to say because i wanted to say it to you / it’s your mind, don’t mind me / it’s your face, don’t face me
Track Name: coulda shoulda woulda
i coulda been a scapegoat / they'd serve me as the main course / i wanna bleed and bleed 'til there's no more blood to lust for / i shoulda been in poor taste / win all the hipster’s praise / sure enough i'll bluff ‘til there's no more cards left to play / i woulda been an "it" girl / and wear a slutty dress / i wanna swoon, croon, swagger, stagger like a fucking mess / i don't want your pity / i won't be your pet / i'm just sticking around until it's time to collect / double check my convictions, and then i forget, wanna bet? / playing it safe as a seatbelt / nothing's holding me back / i pretend to defend when i'm under attack / the lights bring the attention / the dark begs you to stay / the final chapter's on the next page / walking the plank into old age / i'll need a new hole to hide / a mask to match my disguise / a fix to shroud my disgust / a paint to cover the rust / say there's a chance i say no way / wouldn't fit in with the display / rather be out of the loop / i'm moving off of the grid / i'm sick of all of this shit / it just is what it is
Track Name: yesterday's tomorrows
now that the flood gates are open / i'm done looking to the past / all of our days are numbered so you do the math / we won't take no for an answer / retract the steps but don't backtrack / i got it all in my mirrors and ain't looking back / no more tomorrows / now means now / it's like waiting around with caffeine in your veins / and it pains me to say that all the gains that we've made don't suit me the same / probably all in vain / it's the game that we play / stuck in the same place / the rules are the same / but the pieces have changed / am i too young to demonstrate? or too old to relate? / don't clip the wings ‘cause it won't fly / stamp of approval on which you rely / gotta lead ahead of the pack / luck won't just land in your lap / is it too good to be true? / or is it cupboard love? / do we belong in a zoo? / i think it's all the above / back then you used to be king / you're out of places to hide / and now you loosen your reign / you ain't been cool since two thousand and five / cross it out and crumple it up / disagree with myself today / disobey, it's hard to comply / when god's honest truth is a lie / i'm afraid to lead the charge / out of my cage and into a larger one / the taste in every breath / finger in the eye / if satisfaction is death / then we will never die
Track Name: when pluto was a planet
Track Name: stop, drop & drool
watch out! / there's idiots about / i can't tell where the pushing ends and the shoving begins / read me loud and clear / like a deer in the headlights / inevitability near / lost at last / we're contagious / don't dare blame us / for being so fucking famous / please extend your hand, though i don't know how to shake it / you two look like a match but i bet she has to fake it / towards me she skates in a particular gait / and i stop, drop and drool / a little road pop / i'm in need of some action / double your fun / twice as much as the one / by the edge of your teeth and on the skin of your seat / and then you stop, drop and drool / you want it / you got it / can’t put your finger on it / and then you stop, drop and drool
Track Name: then again
when i am stoned alone and comfortable / dreaming in droning monotones / i think something that's ugly can be beautiful / then again who would know / i don't know who you are / but we've made it this far / tempting advance says there's a chance / another turn of the screw / it's like losing the lottery / ignore advice / sure would be nice to spend the night with you / you can't win if you don't play / flirtatious faces / beck and call / she's like a walking talking fireball / i ain't equipped to handle all that jazz / i ain't got shit to show but i bet she has / some like it soft, some like it rough / sometimes it's not enough / i find it hard to pick and choose / that stolen charm won't bring you any luck / sometimes when you win / you really lose / she's fashion forward / stuck in reverse / it's still unclear which of us fired first / then again the deed is done / i couldn't give two flying fucks / maybe one
Track Name: get down with the dregs
he was raised a humanist heathen / better than in a cave / couldn't explain any rhyme or reason / the reason is he's afraid / going to hell but he means well / screwdriver, this is not a drill / haven't you heard? / bet you can guess / deserves more but he gets less / less is more but there's more stress / he's the one left to clean up the mess / the only difference is / the emphasis / get down with the dregs / fucking losing your head like you used to / get down with the dregs / show a little more leg than you're supposed to / he was never really that smart / counts his fingers using hashmarks / talking politics with his pets / no replies, no regrets / bathtub's full of odds and ends / pull the plug / will he sink or swim?
Track Name: all capslock
i'm an alien / call me what you want / i bought myself a gun / because i wanted one / don't worry it won't be long / before we're dead and gone / i'm an alien / at least she said i was / i bought myself a gun / because i wanted one / don't worry it won't be long / before there's a hole in your heart / it's good to know i don't know myself at all / it's nice to think there's a reason for this cause / it's neat to think you're special ‘cause you're not / kiss me / kill me / fuck me / write me off / see through me / future visions in 3D / see through me / future visions from a dream...