three lefts (2014)


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Tiera Suggs
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Tiera Suggs One of the best EP's to come out of Columbus, PERIOD. Think Queens of the Stone Age meets Arctic Monkey's. Love these dudes and can't wait for the new full length. Favorite track: garbage in / garbage out.
Tim Sistrunk
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Tim Sistrunk God damn, I love this album. Favorite track: going going gone.
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all songs written & performed by friendly faux
recorded & mixed by andy sartain at electraplay studios
mastered by brian lucey at magic garden mastering


released April 20, 2014




all rights reserved


FRIENDLY FAUX Columbus, Ohio

geoff spall: guitar/vocals
charis yost:
brandyn morit:

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Track Name: going going gone
who died and made you king of the afterlife? / the longer you wait, the less you’re a mastermind / slipping through the cracks, where there is no turning back / the hand that gives will surely take away / you’re writing checks your heart will never pay / had filet mignon, now you got chef boyardee / i wrote it down in a song / now it’s going, going, gone / you made your bed, it’s time that you lay in it / you won’t admit when it’s turning violent / the means to an end and now you twist in the wind / a steady diet of dying / have-nots have nothing to lose / and there is no point in lying / if you’ve got nothing to prove / too many ill-gotten gains / can’t seem to stay in the lanes / done rubbin’ noses in dirt / isn’t it all fun and games until someone gets hurt? / new lease on life as long as it’s spent with you / ask me who’s who and I haven’t got a clue / sharing everything, you’ve got to, therefore i do / i wrote it down in a song / now it’s going, going, gone
Track Name: garbage in / garbage out
i don’t think you’re aware, of years of wearin’ and tearin’ / fair is fair and good isn’t good enough / that’s when things started south, like from the brain to the mouth / no doubt, garbage in garbage out / been burnin’ both ends / made so many new friends / scratchin’ our heads / counting on perpetual motion / i‘d settle for a one way ticket to somewhere / we didn’t come this far to simply lower the bar / so obsolete we’re state of the art / cuttin’ corners until its unrecognizable / the lies you tell make time to dine in hell / been runnin’ on empty / just tryin to make ends meet / been burstin’ at the seams / the seam is where both ends meet / i’ll settle for a round trip ticket to nowhere / there is no future / just what we make for ourselves / can’t count on anyone else / so face the music / put all your faith in the band / it feels so good to be bad / are you half asleep or half awake? / it’s a mistake you’ll take to the grave
Track Name: three lefts
let’s call it quits before we begin / when the shit hits the fan i’m guessing you’ll be sittin’ on the sidelines chewing your cheek / no risk, no reward, nor score to be beat / because one punch is a fight / two wrongs might make my night / three lefts make it right / over and over with no end in sight / it’s got my feet to the fire, and my head to the block / what’s good for the gander is not for the flock / quick as a whip, sharp as a tack / serious as a heart attack / spit at me and I’ll smile right back cuz I’ve seen the future’s individually wrapped / i’m a 21st century monkey / a slave to the incorporated creatures on t.v. / i’ve got an awful lot of gadgets with 4g / they got a personality for me / stealing lines to speak your mind / living lies they drop like flies / it’s got my feet to the fire, and my head to the block / what’s good for the gander is not for the flock
Track Name: now you see me
sometimes i feel like i have died before / there’s something wrong in my head / tell me your secret, what you’re fighting for / ‘cause I’m no good to you dead / it’s all who you know and how the strings are pulled / now you see me now you don’t / what did you say? i wasn’t listening / too much to ask me not to ask / i’d sell my soul for peace of mind in fact / still have enough to buy it back / they’ll poke and prod and ask politely / your secret’s still safe with me / your best bet’s your best guess / bet I can guess what your best at / own your own, you’re on your own / hate to have to tell you so / the new age is old news / they don’t make ‘em like they used to / what’s in store is such a bore / they won’t be coming back for more / i’ll take whatever you can give to me / as long as it is for free / it’s all who you know and how the strings are pulled / now you see me now you don’t...